Pulse of Life VR Experience


This VR Experience was part of the Anitrailer/Aniplay semester of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Our team developed an IP and a trailer and game format of it in one semester.

In this VR Experience the player starts on an abondoned and destroyed lighthouse platform that has strange lightchains attached to the top. It is pretty dark and the only object that is reachable is a generator. With a Walkie-Talkie(Vive Controller) he gets instructions to turn it on, and power it up so the lightchains go up. Once the user manages to reach a certain amount of turns a huge flying Jellyfish breaks through the clouds and helps the people of this post apocalyptic world to light up their city with electricity once again.

Executed in Unity with a HTC Vive Setup and a real life builded Generator that build for this interaction.

You can find the trailer Here.

  • Exhibited at the ITFS 2017 Gamezone
  • Tech Presentation at FMX 2017




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