In Adrift the players driving skills will be challenged and control precision will be tested. Each level increases in difficulty and only the best drifters will be able to finish all available levels.

Adrift is a difficult arcade drift racer that started as a side project until I decided to complete the project. I really liked the drifting controls and the precision it needed to complete some courses. The complete project was done by myself from concept, over game design and implementation to ui design, modelling and level design.

The project was done in Unity.

#42 increasingly challenging Levels
#8 Cars/ 7 which can be unlocked
#Global Leaderboard to compete with your friends
#2 controll styles to fit your personal taste
#3 different music themes to choose from
#different settings for resolution/fps, controls, visuals and more

The game is available for free on Android: Get the Game!

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